Not able to get access token


Not able to get access token

I follow these steps to get access token using post man. for v3 


1. Loginto
2. create app and generate secretcode
3. make below request through browser after changing client_id

4. Enable f12 for browser debug mode it will show the url in debug mode
something like https://localhost?code=Btm-DfwTesRXTplmOCEGpBI6CTD_GTL1FPclEAEt

5. Open PostMan and select request type as Post and make the below request after changing the Basic Auth and code parameter
Basic <client_id>:<secret_key>(base64encode)



Im getting this json error message.

"error_description": "unable to parse Authorization header HTTP Basic username has invalid content Value for parameter \"Authorization\" is invalid. Value doesn't match regular expression: .*",
"error": "invalid_client"



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