Note Problems


Note Problems

So I'm working with a client that is trying to add notes from another platform to contacts in Constant Contact. However, it seems that notes are poorly supported on Constant Contact, at least from what I can tell. I tried to add multiple notes to one contact and am receiving errors like this:


{'error_key': 'json.field.note.too.many',
 'error_message': 'Only one note is allowed'}


When I looked into this issue I found this forum posting. Apparently users are unable to edit or delete notes, and this has been an issue for at least four years. What's going on here? It seems that notes are barely supported. Am I completely missing something? I understand that there should be a limit on notes, but 1, and not being able to edit or delete it? Why bother even having the feature if the support is going to be virtually non-existant?


Hello @ThomasH535,


The our system does allow just one note. Through the API you can replace the note by including the note ID in your JSON payload along with the note itself. This will overwrite what is currently held in the note section for that contact.


Here is an example of what the JSON would look like; the ID is of course going to be different for each contact and you would retrieve that by doing a GET for the contact.


"notes": [{
            "id": "a7a2f550-4249-11e7-b82d-d4ae5292c38a",
            "note": "replacing my new note"

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