Notes field in XHTML

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Notes field in XHTML

When using custom code for a campaign, is the notes field accessible in the same manner the other fields are? I am attempting to use this:


<Property name="Subscriber.NOTE"/>


It does not produce an error, but it is also not placing the contents into the email.


By way of comparison, this works fine:


<Property name="Subscriber.CUSTOMTEXT1"/>


Thank you...




The notes field is not exposed through email marketing at this time.  If you wanted to push out more than 50 characters of data you would just have to use each custom field. 


for ex:


<Property name="Subscriber.CUSTOMTEXT1"/><Property name="Subscriber.CUSTOMTEXT2"/><Property name="Subscriber.CUSTOMTEXT3"/><Property name="Subscriber.CUSTOMTEXT4"/><Property name="Subscriber.CUSTOMTEXT5"/>

 Please let me know if this helps.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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Thanks Ryan. I was afraid of that but wanted to be sure I hadn't missed anything. The custom field lengths are quite limiting, although I realize they can be concatenated.

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