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Oauth token -- same for all users in account?

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Oauth token -- same for all users in account?

It appears the Oauth token that is returned by CTCT during authentication  is a GUID. My question is this: will the CTCT api return the same GUID for all persons authorizing into the same CTCT account?


The reason I ask is that we need to keep our system up to date with information about CTCT campaigns and we are simply looking for ways to stay under the CTCT API threshold for hits within a 24 hour period. If we have multiple users in our system who have authorized themselves into the same CTCT account, then we would idealy run only one data sync operation which would apply to all the users in our system (versus a data sync for each user when the data will not differ since all users are accessing the same CTCT account). 


Re: Oauth token -- same for all users in account?

Please disregard this question. We figured it out for ourselves. Clearly, the oauth token is different on a user-by-user basis. We will have to come up with our own solution in our system for designating the account owner and performing the data sync from CTCT back to our system only for that user account (since doing this again for users with the Account manager role or Campaign Creator role is unnecessary or not possible due to api permissions).

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Re: Oauth token -- same for all users in account?



After a bit more research on this,there is one method available to determine if the accounts are the same. This can be done by comparing the data returned from the Account Info endpoint, as that always returns information associated with the account owner, so it will be the same regardless of which user is accessing it. You can find the documentation for that endpoint here:


Hopefully this gives you a way to optimize your workflow. If you have any questions, please let me know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer