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One message at a time


One message at a time

I am planning on using the API to send 1 e-mail at a time using an existing campaign in Constantcontact.  I could be sending just 1 email this minute, but if another record gets flagged 15 minutes later, I need to send out another e-mail using the same existing campaign. 


Are the following steps sufficient to let me accomplish the scenario above?

1.  create a contact list with just that 1 contact e-mail address

2.  set the campaign to use that contact list with just 1 contact records

3.  schedule the campaign to send immediately.


It looks like the ContantContact subscription is based on the number of contacts, so how does this scenario work in that model?  Does it simply count the number of contacts created to a list (regardless if it is just 1 at a time)?









Thanks for posting.  What you are describing is possible, but best accomplished by a transactional email service.  Fortunately, we are currently testing a transactional service now.  If you are interested in participating, PM me your contact information and I will put you in touch with the right people.




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