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One off sending


One off sending


  We are a potential client reviewing your API on behalf of another client.  We were wondering if it was possible to send an email to one specified person, on the fly, using your API.  This is a key thing we'd be doing for our campaign site.  You state that sending capabilities can be turned on, but we aren't sure about the details of it.


This is important to us as we will not be given access to our client's email system - so we'd like your reputation services to send the email without getting blacklisted.  Also, the site we are creating is driving a user to send an email (with canned content), to a recipient of their choosing, after going through a custom form we'll be creating.  We were hoping that on submit of the custom form, we could add the intended recipients to a list, and send in one swoop.  Is this possible, and with what level of effort?

Help is appreciated,


Regular Participant

Hello Shai,


Our system does support quickly and easily adding multiple contacts to a list, creating an HTML email, and scheduling that email to your desired list. More information on the process to achieve this can be found at the following links:


Adding multiple contacts to a list:


Creating an email via API:


Obtaining access to Scheduling an email to be sent and Scheduler API documentation:



Please note that although we do currently support sending of emails through our API, our service is designed for bulk emailing to multiple recipients as opposed to single sending.


Andrew T

Support Engineer, Constant Contact

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