Opt Out - Opt In Functionality??


Opt Out - Opt In Functionality??



I have successfully installed and customized the contact / email subscriber form on my site using Constant Contacts Dev Tools API.   The form works great.  In addition to signing up the new subscriber, it captures their Fname, Lname and allows them to send a commment.




During testing, I signed myself up with about 4 different emails, and then unsubscribed each one... also successful.


Now, however, I'd like to opt back in with one of the addresses... however when I fill out the form to sign up again, it displays the following error message in red:  This Contact Already Exists.   Shouldn't there be an email sent to me confirming that I want to opt back in instead?


Any help on this would greatly appreciated!!!








If you would like to be able to subscribe people back in you would need a different CCSFG which I believe you are using.  The reasoning why you need a different one is taht we have disabled that in the standard version.  We did this because if someone knew your contact list they could opt people back in and change their subscriber settings through the tool and it causes a security issue.  This is something you have to choose to do at your own risk.  If you still want the other version of the CCSFG then you just need to email webservices@constantcontact.com

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