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OptInDefault & IsSystemList

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OptInDefault & IsSystemList

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I'm not sure what bearing these have, but I loop through the ctct lists, and find matches (id) for the CRM lists (crm fields turned into lists w/the help of a config file) then skipping any IsSystem list add them to the contact's tempLists, if the list already exists, its in the package but the update flag is off. That way if any list is new or removed (update=true) all the subscribed lists go along with the contact to update.


If after evaluation there are no lists for a contact, I add any lists marked as OptInDefault to tempLists which are added to the contact to update.



Is a contact list's OptInDefault (ContactList.OptInDefault) set in the Edit List Properties, Join My Mailing List Form?


If Not, the how & where is the OptInDefault set on a mailing list?

Does this have any relation to IsSystemList? (and how & where is this set and the purpose of a system list)


Hey Jeffry,


The OptInDefault is set in the UI. This is the list set as the "Default List" in the JMML. You should also be able to change this to true via the API.


IsSystemList checks to make sure the list ID passed is not one of our non-editable lists, such as active and removed contacts. These are valid list IDs, but a pass to them would cause an error, so that's a check to avoid it.

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