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PHP Sample Forms


I am using the PHP Sample Forms, Adding new records works perfectly but if the email id is exist in other list. And if I try to enter same email id in new list then also I get the "This contact already exists. Click here to edit the contact details." message. WHY?

And If I click on the "Click here" link to edit the record then I get Fatal error.

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpheader() in /home/gsrmuser/public_html/PHP_Contact_Forms/edit_contact.php on line 1"

Please help,

Thanks in advance.





The reasoning why you are getting that the contact exists is that its a sample form and its made to create a new contact.  The "Add or Edit Contact" is what you would use to add it to multiple lists.    I am not sure why you are getting an error when you click the link to edit the contact.  Try to click on the "Add or Edit Contact link at the top and see if the error exists there as well.


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I'm gettting the same error whenever I try to edit an existing contact. This happens when I go through the Add or Edit Contact link or the List Contact -> Edit.



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