PHP v1 API HTTP 500 error when getting campaign details


PHP v1 API HTTP 500 error when getting campaign details

Hi all,


an older project we're maintaining has recently started to receive a HTTP 500 error when getting campaign details. There has been no changes to the project for many months so I feel this may be an external issue.


We receive the following error:


Constant Contact HTTP Request Exception: Error 500: Server Error
Unknown error type: [2] simplexml_load_string(): Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found


When var dumping the response object we get:


array (size=3)
'xml' => string 'Error 500: Server Error' (length=23)
'info' =>
array (size=26)
'url' => string '' (length=80)
'content_type' => string 'text/plain' (length=10)
'http_code' => int 500
'header_size' => int 324
'request_size' => int 346
'filetime' => int -1
'ssl_verify_result' => int 0
'redirect_count' => int 0
'total_time' => float 0.684067
'namelookup_time' => float 3.3E-5
'connect_time' => float 0.10899
'pretransfer_time' => float 0.387171
'size_upload' => float 0
'size_download' => float 23
'speed_download' => float 33
'speed_upload' => float 0
'download_content_length' => float 23
'upload_content_length' => float 0
'starttransfer_time' => float 0.684013
'redirect_time' => float 0
'redirect_url' => string '' (length=0)
'primary_ip' => string '' (length=12)
'certinfo' =>
array (size=0)
'primary_port' => int 443
'local_ip' => string '' (length=10)
'local_port' => int 35593
'error' => string '' (length=0)


Is this the appropiate place to report this error? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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We also started getting a 500 error on the GetCampaignDetails call, as of today.  We are using the .NET SDK.  So it's definitely an issue with the API.

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I also started seeing this today through an API Portal that hasn't had any recent changes. It occurs when trying to pull campaign events. Hope this gets resolved soon.



Thank you for letting us know. We are aware of the issue, where attempting to access campaign detals for some campaigns will result in a 500 error. We are currently working on the issue as a top priority and are hoping to have a resolution soon.

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This is still happening, is there any update about when this will be fixed?

Hi Zach,

I'm sorry about the continued difficulties. We are in the process of resolving this and you should see resolution very soon.

We have some affected customers, one has reported recently that the affected campaigns have changed from returning a 500 errror returning the campaign details to getting a 404 error retrieving the contact list for those campaigns. I take it this is related and may mean we are close to seeing a solution?

Note: I was troubled when the customer shared the message they received when he contacted ConstantContact support which implied the issue was in in our application

I'm sorry for the difficulties this has caused. We're aware of the 500 errors which were returned for many of the Campaign Endpoints last week. We were able to resolve this issue on 6/15, Monday. 

We do have a page which acknowledges this issue, and I'm very sorry for the difficulties this caused. --Issue WS6393. 

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