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Possible API Key Conflict between dev / live sites...WordPress 'Constant Contact API'

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Possible API Key Conflict between dev / live sites...WordPress 'Constant Contact API'

I have a site for my client that was originally developed on a dev URL.

It was (and still is) working fine on the dev URL, but the live site has lost the features that Constant Contact brought to the site. The site makes use of the WordPress plug-in 'Constant Contact API'. The dev and live sites are identical...both the site files and database (note that it's not a server config changes, but a duplicate...done to a different server).

After much digging, I spotted that the WordPress plug-in for the live site is missing some of the functionality ('Import', 'Export' and 'Lists') basically looks like the plug-in before you've added any Constant Contact Account credentials. It turns out that the 'Lists' section populates a part of the settings, a set of check-boxes where the admin chooses where the form (attached to the list) should no check-box = no form = loss of functionality.

The dev and live sites have identical credentials...same account, same API key.

My conclusion is that the API Key can only appear once, and that the dev site is taking precedence (because it came first). I've tried getting rid of the plug-in on the dev site so the live site would be the only thing using the key...but it didn't work. I even managed to bring the dev site back to it's current state.

Dev site:

Live site:

So as you can see, the form on the advert is missing on the live site.

Any help would be much appreciated





Re: Possible API Key Conflict between dev / live sites...WordPre

There is nothing about the API Key that would restrict it to one site, or even one username. I am going to do some testing with this to see if I am able to replicate, but if you could link to the exact WordPress plugin you are using, as well as which version of WordPress , that would be helpful.

While this may not be something  I am able to recreate, I will certainly give it a shot and let you know what I find. Please feel free to reply with any other questions or information.

David J

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Re: Re: Possible API Key Conflict between dev / live sites

WordPress: 3.0

Plug-in: Constant Contact API



Re: Possible API Key Conflict between dev / live sites

I have done some testing with this and was able to get this to run correctly on multiple sites using the same account. This would have nothing to do with the API key as it is not a setting in the plugin itself, meaning that everyone using this plugin is using the same API key which is likely hundreds of different users. The API key is meant to be specific per application, not per user.


It still seems likely that there is some subtle difference between your development and production environments, unfortunately I would not be able to comment on what specific settings may effect this plugin as it was not created by us. I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused. If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know and we will be happy to help.

David J

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