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Problem with content encoding

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Problem with content encoding


A have a problem with encoding of different languages. When I create campaign on russian or Hebrew (by API), the Email on ConstantContact server saved on incorrect encoding. What can I do?



I believe the issue you are having has to do with compatibility with the languages you are using. Here is a list of supported languages that you can use to create emails in our system.

However, I would like to do some testing with the content you are pasting in to see exactly what is going on. Could you email the content you are sending in Russian and Hebrew to the webservices support team, and we can look at it further.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact
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Ok, I was sent two emails from


 Note, that this emails was created by API and was sent with XML in UTF-8.  For example, the russian email which was created on CC web site and email, created by API have differences.  In first case - email looks incorrect or with bugs in language. Second case (by API) - absolutely unreadable and unencodable text(any encoding type has no effect). HTTP request and response was sent text correctly, without problems. 

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