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Problems uploading CCSFG to server and running Setup

Solution Provider

Problems uploading CCSFG to server and running Setup

I am trying to create a custom login form using CCSFG, following the instructions at 


I can only get to #4 - uploading the files to my server - but can never visit I have tried putting the file on 2 different servers (the original site uses WordPress, so I thought that was the issue). But anytime I try to visit the Setup app, I get a 500 error.


Can anyone advise? We need CCSFG so that we can create a small, single-field optin that takes the users directly to a custom URL. 



Trusted Contributor

Re: Problems uploading CCSFG to server and running Setup



500 errors are internal servers errors, and it's not always clear what causes them. I can only offer very general advice for you, given the range of possible servers/configurations. Web servers typically have a directory structure that includes a root directory, and one folder that is web accessible. Make sure you're putting the entire CCSFG folder tree in the web directory on your server (usually called /www or /htdocs). If this is not the cause of your issue, you will need to work with your webhost or developer familiar with your server to help troubleshoot.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer