Problems with Custom Fields in Dynamic Links

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Problems with Custom Fields in Dynamic Links

For the past two years our client has been sending survey invitation emails using XHTML and the CreateCampaign API. These emails contain a link to a web page and use one of the contact's custom fields as an identifier.


The XHTML used several custom fields concatenated to form the <a href= ... >link text</a> structure. The <Property name=".."> tag was used to insert the contact's custom data in the appropriate places.


This approach recently stopped working and my understanding is that you folks changed something with how the links are handled that is now causing this to fail.


I need to know hnow exactly to get this working again. The goal is to produce:


<a href="[contact's custom field 2]&survey_id=1>click here</a>


How do we do his now? We are using v1 create campaign with xhtml format.




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Problem solved. I post the solution in case someone else has this problem


Use $SUBSCRIBER.CUSTOMTEXT2 in the link text and just put ther link into the XHTML template. Concatenating custom fields is no longer required.


<a href="$SUBSCRIBER.CUSTOMTEXT2&survey_id=1">link text </a>



Hi Malcolm,


Thank you for posting your solution for others! What you have described is a valid method that still has limited documentation. The other method that can be used is to break your link up into chunks of code and merge them using <Property/> tags. This method does however require more data to be stored in each contact and can present some additional challenge because of that.


If you have any further questions, please let us know!


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
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I believe you are mistaken. Using the <property tag and distributing the link text across multiple custom fields no longer works. That's what we WERE doing and had to change it to the method outlined above because it wasn't working.


Here is an excerpt from a chat one of my colleagues had with one of your support people when the links stopped working in the emails:


Robin F: The nature of our dynamic links was updated recently so that dynamic links can be entered into XHTML with the custom code in them - So the customers used to have to do what he did which is have any number of custom fields to make a link dynamic, now they can embed the field like this example <a href="$SUBSCRIBER.CUSTOM.[field name]">link text</a>


Robin F: So there was an update that changed everything. Sorry, in Support we are not trained in XHTML, and have to reach out to engineers on this.


Robin F: He also says - So the $SUBSCRIBER.CUSTOM part is what will pull from the custom field, no longer necessitating all the broken parts of a dynamic link



Hello Malcolm,


In order to verify I constructed a test XHTML campaign using the method of stringing multiple fields together. As I had expected, this test was a success and the dynamic link was constructed. While the new method is definitely much easier and there are no problems with using it, we have worked to make sure that the previous method remains viable.


As for hwy it was not working for you, I suspect that there may have been a different issue responsible for the issue that you experienced. If you do run into any more issues with creating links and merging data, please let us know and we will be happy to look into it for you.



Elijah G.
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Is there a way to also track these type of Links for clicks?

Hi Thomas,


The short answer is no; these links cannot be tracked. My colleague speaks about why they cannot be tracked in reference to our new editor in the post I've linked below. However; the reason for not being able to track the links is the same across all of our editors.


Dynamic Link Tracking

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