Problems with "Edit Contact"


Problems with "Edit Contact"

Ok so I'm using the sample PHP forms you provide, and I have a demo that works for signup. Users are being added to the DB on Constant Contact.


So I have a process PHP script that redirects the user if they already have an email in the system. This redirects to edit_contact.php. This works fine.


I have 2 issues here with edit_contact.php


First, I have 2 different test email accounts setup with different first / last names too. For some reason. edit_contact.php is pulling up details of the second contact with the email address from the first?


Also when choosing "Unsubscribe all lists" and submit, I get this error:

exception 'Exception' with message 'You are missing your list' in path/edit_contact.php:53 Stack trace: #0 {main}


So can anyone tell me why I'm getting data from the second user's account when I'm using the first user's email to subscribe?


I thought it might be cache, but that's not the case. 






It seems likely that there is a problem with the calls being initiated in you process. Ordinarily, you'd need to first search for the contact by email address (a GET request), which will tell you if a contact exists and provide a subset of the details for the contact (name, email address, ID, link, for example) in an array of contact objects (which would have just one objects in a single email address search, then you'd submit this limited contact object to the function to GET contact details, which would return a contact object with all details for the contact, by making a request and populate that data in edit_contact.php form. 


To offer some more specific feedback on what might be wrong here, you can attach your code to an email to, and we'll try to make some time to work through it and see if we can give you a better idea of where the issue lies.

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