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Promo code landing page leading to Constant Contact survey/recording e-mail


Promo code landing page leading to Constant Contact survey/recording e-mail

I'd like to create a simple webpage Constant Contact survey. But the point of entry would be from a sort of login page using a predetermined code from a cashier's receipt, their e-mail address and store location. Basically it's a campaign where you enter a promo-code in a Coca-cola bottlecap online, but instead connects to a Constant Contact survey.


Here is what I want to do:


1. Create a landing page with a form that accepts a cashier receipt code, e-mail address and store location. The receipt code will be pre-generated and stored in an outside database.


2. Once the user enters all information, the outside database will match receipt code for verification, using PHP and mySQL. Simultaneously, their e-mail is stored in Constant Contact, through API coding. Finally, the landing page redirects them to a Constant Contact online survey.


The hard part is passing the e-mail address data onto the CC survey? That's without having the user to retype their e-mail information again on the survey form. Perhaps pass or pre-populate the field through some API code variable? Can this be done?


The end result is after the survey is finished is a redirect to a promotional coupon (multi-printable). I'm using Constant Contact b/c I want to use the stats package and e-mail database without having to generate stat reports form client.





Hi Jason,


Everything you're describing is possible except for pre-passing the email address to the survey.  We offer two distribution methods to our online Surveys, both with different behavior.


  1. Survey Invitation Email - Sends an invitation email to Contacts in your account.  Survey automatically will come back associated with their email address and you will know who they are.  These surveys can only be taken one time as they are tracked for each individual.

  2. Survey Link - Allows any user to take the survey from a web browser, from either a link on your website or any number of other ways to get them to that address.  This method is anonymous and does not pull in any external information.  You can collect personal information with the Survey and use that to either populate your Constant Contact List(s) or for exporting for use in a 3rd party program such as your CRM or eCommerce platform. 

Outside of those two methods, there is no way to get a survey out to your customers and there is unfortunately no way to pass in information from a 3rd party source to a survey.  Hope this answers your question.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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