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Pulling contact info to auto fill a website contact


Pulling contact info to auto fill a website contact


I am new to constant contact, but my web design client has been using the service for years.  The client has a cool idea for some custom contact forms but I'm not really sure how to set it up, maybe if I give some info about what we are trying to do someone can let me know if this is possible and point me in the right direction.  (I'm not really sure how to access the API, or if it is necessary)


So anyway the client sends out email newsletters to several large lists of subscribers, and they often include product info for featured products and sales (they are a wine store).  There is also a "wine locator" form on the website (using the cForms plugin in wordpress), this is where people can enquire about the availability of a certain wine or other product, or get general product advice.


What the client would like to have is a dynamic form that they can link to the product info in their email campaigns, so that the contact can click on the products link and be taken to a pre-populated locator form on the clients website with the contact's email and first and last name taken from constant contact, and with the particular product name entered in the wine name text field.


Any Advice?





I do believe something like that would be possible, and you most likely would not need to use our API to do that.  Of course this is highly technical, but here is the way I see that you could do this.


To fill out a form field from the URL when someone clicks on a link, the destination URL should contain the key and value pair that corresponds to the form field you want filled.  I believe this is usually done in the following way:


Obviously that link above won't do anything, as the base url ( doesn't exist, but it's basically the base URL of the form you want people taken to, with the key value pairs appended to the end (a question mark separating the base url from the first key-value pair), and an ampersand between all subsequent key-value pairs. 



What this means is that if you have a form field called "FirstName", you should be able to have someone click on a link that reads and the resulting webpage should fill in the First Name field with Shannon.


Once you figure out the names of your fields on your form in the backend (code), you can add the base url to an email and append the base url with the desired information from our database in an XHTML email as described in this FAQ.  Here is a link on how to pull contact details from a Constant Contact template.


I hope that helps.  I do believe this is possible, but it certainly will take a bit of testing and brainpower.


Thank you for contacting Constant Contact, and have a wonderful day!


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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I am trying to do something similar to this.  However the links no longer work.  I searched but could not find an article on how to pull contact details form a Constant Contact template.  I would like to know how to do that.  Is that information still available?





We have updated our knowledgebase URLs, so there are new links for those articles. You can find them here:

Add dynamic links to an email in the Email Wizard

How do I insert custom fields into my email?


If you do have any additional questions after reviewing these articles, we will be happy to provide additional information!

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

hi im an intern working at blank slate....i have 2 forms; one that i made myself and the constant contact trying to set it up so that when the user clicks submit on my form the constant contact form opens with that same information already in.  Now ive been told that its been done but i just cant figure out how, can anyone help?



With the current Constant Contact default forms, there is not a direct way to prefill the fields when another form is submitted. Depending on what platform the website you are working on is using, it may be possible to automatically transmit the data from your form directly to Constant Contact without having to have a second form that is pre-filled. 


Is there additional information that you need to gather from the second form?


If you do not need any additional information, you may be able to take advantage of existing integrations and a bit of custom coding to use our APIs and automatically submit the data to your Constant Contact account.



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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Hi There,

We are trying to pass the contact variables from an email into a form on our website. When I use the custom XHTML email editor, it works! When I add the Contact Details variables using the wysiwyg editor, it pulls the details from the account holder, not the details of the subscriber (weird, huh?). 


Here is my URL that works in the Advanced Editor (XHTML):[first_name]=$Subscriber.FirstName&form[last_name]=$Subscriber.Family...


Also, there must be a way to pass this information using the API with PHP cURL and have it be more secure, correct? 


Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello @JamesB5231,


You can pull this information from our API if you choose. You would have to do a GET on the contact(s) and then take the data from that result and put it in your website form.


If you are looking at the Contact Detail variables from within an email campaign preview then it will only show the account holder's information. Those variables only populate the subscribers details when the email campaign is sent live.


If you want to use our API I highly encourage you to go through our documentation and if you have any questions reach out to use at

Jimmy D.
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Hi Jimmy, 


Thanks for your reply. I was able to get a solution from CtCt Tier 2 support today to be able to pass the variables via HTTP and use the email wizard! Basically, you just need to not track the link. If you track the link, you are asking CtCt to create tracked links for everyone you send the campaign to. Once I unclicked the tracked option when adding the URL to the button, it worked great! We needed it to work through the email wizard for non-developer staff to be able to create their own campaigns. 



No Track.PNG


From reading the API docs, it looks like we would have to implement the AuthO onto our Joomla site. Should be doable but more work and potential debugging than we need. However, if we do need to track the clicks, then we may revert to using the API so your feedback is also helpful. 


Thank you!



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