Queries about API keys

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Queries about API keys


We are having a Email Template creator website.
From our website, we want to allow users to Create Campaign in Constant
Contact and Send Campaign.

For that we have following questions :

1. Is the API key will be required only for our web application or will it
be specific to each user who wants to send mail through our website with
their Constant Contact user id?

2. If we want to allow users to send mail through Constant Contact API, do
we need to get permission from "App Connect Team" for a single developer
account(Website account)? Or all individual users of our website, who want
to send mail with their Constant Contact credentials, they also need to get
permission to send mail?

3. When we create Campaign we need to enter the information like
organization Name, Organization Address, Organization Country, Organization
City, etc are required fields. So, will these be our organization details or
it will be every individual user 's organization details?

Thanks in Advance,


Hello Suvarna,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Only one API key will be required.  Each user will be able to access their own account using your one API key.

In order to gain access to the scheduling portion of our API, you will need to get in touch with someone on our AppConnect team.  You can do so by sending an email to appconnect@constantcontact.com.

The organization information will need to be specific to each user's account.  So, you will need to collect this data on a per-user basis.

I hope this is helpful.  Please feel free to reply back if you have additional questions or concerns.


Matt R.
Support Engineer, Constant Contact
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