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Question about custom attribute


Question about custom attribute

I had a question. We are trying to append the clickable links with an custom attribute value for the contacts. However we tried following and none of them seem to be working:






When the email is sent out the placeholder is not being replaced with the custom attribute value for the contact.

Can you please help us out?




This is something that you can ask on our other boards this topic is not specific to a developer scenario. However; I'm happy to assist in any way I can.


The answer depends on what type of email you are using. Are you using a custom code email? If so, HTML or XHTML? Are you using our 2ge editor? Are you using our 3ge editor?


Custom Code HTML: If you are using this editor then you should be using this format $subscriber.custom.fieldname (fieldname is the name of your custom field). So in your example $subscriber.custom.eup should be fine (it is not case sensitive). That is assuming there is data located in that field for the specific contact that is receiving the email.


One thing to keep in mind is that this info does not show up on a preview/test email; it will only show up on a live send. I suggest you create a test email list that contains yourself as a contact with your custom fields filled out and send yourself your email to verify that you have the code written correctly.

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