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RSS Newsletter from Joomla Blog?


RSS Newsletter from Joomla Blog?

Greetings, I am the web developer for this CC member. I build Joomla sites. My clients who use the free Mailchimp program are able to send out newsletters automatically when they add new blog posts to their Joomla blogs. Is this possible with Constant Contact? We'd like to send a newsletter out when new posts are added to this blog: http://jewishchildhood.com/jewish-book-blog


Hope Kiah


Hello Hope,


At this time Constant Contact does not have a feature to automatically create and send email campaigns from an RSS feed. However, It would be possible to implement a system that would add this functionality for your client's account by creating an application that monitors that feed and uses the Constant Contact API to create and send email campaigns.


If this alternative is of interest to you, you can find more details on our API and a Get Started guide here: http://developer.constantcontact.com/


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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We are looking to do something similar. I notice this question is from 2014 and I'm wondering if there have been any enhancements since then around a feature like this? 

Thank you


Hello @HarborfieldsP,


Constant Contact has not created this integration; while we have had some feedback requesting a feature like this, and it is something we are looking in to, it is not something we have on the roadmap at this time.


I did check on our Marketplace, but I did not see an integration that does this developed by anyone else either. We would be happy to offer support if you wanted to develop this type of integration, or if you wanted to suggest this to Joomla we could also offer our support to their developers.

Jimmy D.
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