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Re: Embed your Signup Form


Re: Embed your Signup Form

When I try to use the Form Generator I get the message

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$ccConfigOBJ' (T_VARIABLE) in /home/domain/public_html/CCSFG_0.0.6/setup/header.php on line 1


It's hard to believe that creating an embeddable signup form wth Constant Contact is this difficult. I know that it's not with other services ***REMOVED BY MODERATOR*** Am I missing something here?


Is the other option to pay for a Formstack account?


Hi Wendy,


That T_Variable error probably means that you're not using PHP 5.3 or above, which the CCSFG requires. If you can upgrade your PHP version, this could go away.


We know we need to provide an easier to use signup form, and work is well underway on that front. We're hoping to release a new form soon that you'll be able to find by logging into your account and going to Contacts>>Sign-up Tools.


I can't guarantee the timeframe, but it should be out this month or next. Of course, Formstack is another option you could use. In addition, if your site is built in Wordpress, there are some Wordpress plugins that you could use (on the Wordpress Plugins site).


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