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Receiving an error from API


Receiving an error from API

We are in the process of migrating to your APIs from another vendor. We are getting an error - see below. We are trying to move to your APIs this weekend. Any help would be great.
Thanks in advance.
Robert Montepeluso
DB<3> x $response
0  HTTP::Response=HASH(0x10c04178)
  '_content' => "[{\cJ\cI\"error_key\":\"mashery.not.authorized.inactive\",\cJ\cI\"error_message\":\"The Mashery account associated with this request is not active, or an invalid API key was used.\"\cJ}]"
  '_headers' => HTTP::Headers=HASH(0x106344a0)
     'client-date' => 'Wed, 18 Apr 2018 19:52:10 GMT'
     'client-peer' => ''
     'client-response-num' => 1
     'client-ssl-cert-issuer' => '/C=BE/O=GlobalSign nv-sa/CN=GlobalSign Organization Validation CA - SHA256 - G2'
     'client-ssl-cert-subject' => '/C=US/ST=Massachusetts/L=Waltham/O=Constant Contact, Inc./'
     'client-ssl-cipher' => 'ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA'
     'client-ssl-socket-class' => 'IO::Socket::SSL'
     'connection' => 'Close'
     'content-length' => 168
     'content-type' => 'application/json'
     'date' => 'Wed, 18 Apr 2018 19:52:10 GMT'
     'server' => 'Mashery Proxy'
     'x-error-detail-header' => 'Account Inactive'
     'x-mashery-error-code' => 'ERR_403_DEVELOPER_INACTIVE'
     'x-mashery-responder' => ''
  '_msg' => 'Forbidden'
  '_protocol' => 'HTTP/1.1'
  '_rc' => 403
  '_request' => HTTP::Request=HASH(0x1060a238)
     '_content' => '{"lists":[{"id":"1217938300"}],"email_addresses":[{"email_address":""}],"action_by":"ACTION_BY_OWNER","api_key":"xxxxxxxxxxx","last_name":"m","first_name":"p"}'
     '_headers' => HTTP::Headers=HASH(0x109e5e70)
        'authorization' => 'xxxxxxxxxx'
        'content-type' => 'application/json'
     '_method' => 'POST'
     '_uri' => URI::https=SCALAR(0xecf3420)
        -> ''
     '_uri_canonical' => URI::https=SCALAR(0xecf3420)
        -> REUSED_ADDRESS 
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Hi @JohnHargrave,


I did reply to your case, but to answer for the benefit of other customers.


In this situation the access token did not match the account. I suggest to go through authentication and retrieve a new access token and you should be all set.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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