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Records added via API


Records added via API

I am working with a developer that has done a fine job getting my Joomla site to export contacts that register into Constant Contact.  I have two sites, one is www.yoliwa.com, and the other is www.werehavingablast.com.  Each of those sites corresponds to a list in the contacts section of my account; yoliwa and werehavingablast.  My question is can I define a different welcome letter for each list?  Or does this work like the CC form where anyone, no matter which list they're going into, receives the same welcome letter as defined in the CC form area?

Moderator of www.yoliwa.com and www.werehavingablast.com, which are affiliated domains of www.timefreedom.com

Hey Robert,


At this time we only give you one welcome letter per account so you would have to create multiple accounts to get more welcome letters.

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