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Redirect URI mismatch

New Member

Redirect URI mismatch

Currently getting when attempting to use OAuth to authenticate.


Trying to access URL:[c... id]&oauthSignup=true&


Redirect URI from my admin panel in CC:


Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong here.


Re: Redirect URI mismatch



Thank you for reaching out to the API Support team here at Constant Contact.


Your redirect URI does need to be URL encoded, but it looks like you are double encoding it. The correct encoding for the redirect URI above should be:


The url encoded value for "%" is %25. It looks like you are url encoding the redirect URI, and then url encoding it again. If you are still seeing this error after correcting this, please send an email to webservices(at) and include your API key.


Please let me know if you have any other questions!


David B.
API Support Engineer