Redirect URI not matching

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Redirect URI not matching

My redirect URL looks like this:




Which is also added to the application as a redirect URL.


I keep getting 400 - Invalid redirect_uri.


If I change it to something like http://joomla.development/main/administrator/index.php?id=* as I saw in another post it works but this callback has zero interest in me as I cannot use it.


Having used plenty of other services with OAuth I never had any issue with them except constant contact. Anyone can give a clue why this happens?


My redirect link to get the authorization code looks like this:' . $clientID . '&redirect_uri=' . rawurlencode($redirect_url) . '&scope=' . rawurlencode($this->scope) . '&response_type=code
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I solved a problem like this by creating a specific endpoint for that variable / workflow that you are trying to reach. 




Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Developer Support.


You can use a wildcard in your redirect URL but can place it at a slightly different spot to accommodate your use case. Please try registering the following as your redirect URI and let me know if you see the same issue:





David B.
Tier II API Support Engineer

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This does not work for me. It throws 400 invalid redirect_uri error.


What works is the following:


Developer Constant Contact App redirect_uri:



Then in my code use the following as redirect URL:



This means I have to change how my other integrations work or create a new way to handle Constant Contact OAuth flow.


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If I try to use the following Redirect URI in my Constant Contact Application:*


And then set the following Redirect URI in my application for the authentication process:


Then I get redirected to the following URL after the authentication has been successful:


Why does it use the first $_GET argument and not the others as well?


How can I make it use my redirect URL and then pass the authentication code?


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