Registering Additonal Emails for my account

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Registering Additonal Emails for my account

I want to register additional emails for my account so I can change the ReplyToEmail address for a campaign.  I can not find anywhere in the API or the website where I can do that.  Can anyone tell me how that can be done?


It sounds you are looking to verify more email addresses in your account. Once an address is verfied it can be used as a from or reply address for a campaign. To verify more addresses, log into your Constant Contact account:


1. Go to  My Settings > Verify Addresses.

2. In the "Email Addresses to Verify" box, enter any personal email address(es) that you wish to verify to send with this account. Enter one address per line and press the "Enter" key to add another address.

3. Click the Send Verification Email button. The verification email will be sent to the address(es) you added.

4. Open and click the "verify" link in that email.


Once you have completed these steps you will be able to use any of the verified addresses as the Reply Address.

David J

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Thank you.  Exactly what I was look for.



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