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Reminder Emails


Reminder Emails

I would like to use CTCT in order to send reminder emails to clients that have signed up for a class.


The plan was to dynamically add all users for a class to a list from a mysql db then send the email then delete all users from the list.


Do all emails need to be scheduled and tied to a campaign to be sent out?

Is what I am looking to do supported?


Thank you!


Hello Marilyn,


What you are looking to do is possible, but it does require some application development on your part. You can absolutely use the API to create lists as well as uploading contacts and clearing the list of contacts on said list. You can find information specifically about how to do that in out developer documentation here:





Additionally, all emails that are created through the API and then sent through your Constant Contact account must be scheduled, even if that is to specify that you would like to send the email right away. In order to accomplish what you have described, you would need to populate your list with the contacts to whom the email will be sent, then create the email and schedule it through the API. An important note here is that the contact list cannot be cleared or deleted after this until after the email has sent according to schedule or it will try to send to an empty list.


You can find information on our scheduling API here: http://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Documentation/Scheduling-and-Sending-a-Campaign/ba-p/25113




As a last note, we do require that our API keys be given permission to access our scheduling API before they are able to schedule and send emails. In order to obtain this permission you will need to email webservices@constantcontact.com with your username and the API key that you wish to use for scheduling emails.



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