Remove contacts from Removed list

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Remove contacts from Removed list

Hi Ryan,


I have used my email ids for testing. They are currently in 'Removed List'. I want to completely remove them from here.


It is not allowing me to add these email ids to any other list for testing purpose.


Is there any way of deleting these email ids from constant contact UI, so that i can reuse them for testing.










We do not allow for permanent deletion of Contacts through our product. There are a few options for you:


Use new email addresses for your testing

Change the email addresses to dummy addresses for your old contacts and then reuse the addresses you want to use

Update the existing Contacts for testing instead of using new addresses (this may not work if what you're testing is the creation process, but it would allow you to test most other functionality)

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thanks Dave, This helps me.

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