Removing Events

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Removing Events

Hi all,
How can I remove an event through API?
There is a way to do this?


Thank you



Software Developer

Hello Alberto,


With the Eventspot API we do provide a method for publishing and cancelling events, but the only way to permanently delete events is through the EventSpot website UI. It is important to note that all information about the event is also deleted with the event, including information on who attended the event.


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
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Thank you Elijah

With EventSpot we are able to change an event's status from ACTIVE into CANCELLED, but in this way it is moved into "done" section, and not into "deleted" section.
I would have liked to move my events in "deleted" section through API.

thank you so much anyway

Best Regards

Alberto Piras

Software Developer
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