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Removing contacts that are not opening email

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Removing contacts that are not opening email



I want to delete those contacts that consistantly don't open my emails. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find the ones that have not clicked the link. It shows who clicked the link but in order of the date, not the name so it is hard to find the ones that did click in order to delete the ones that didn't click. Any ideas?




You're correct that there is no simple way to assess the regularity with which your contacts open your emails, so you can remove those who never or rarely open them.  You may not wish to do this, however, because there is no fully accurate means of determining when someone opens an email. We can track most opens reliably, but under some conditions, opens cannot be tracked. 


In our system, tracking is done by adding a tiny image to an email. When the image associated with your email is downloaded, we track the open. If someone views your email in a client that doesn't automatically load images, and reads without loading image, we cannot track an open, unless they also click a tracked link in the email, in which case, we our system to determined that the email must also have been opened. We also cannot track opens for emails when someone's email client is set to only display the text version, because in this case, the image is not loaded.


Tracking opens requires some interaction between the recipient's email client and our system, and when that doesn't occur due to security or privacy settings, there is no way fora sender to detect opens, but fortunately most will load image and we will be able to accurate track opens for them.


If you still desire to statistically assess opens among your contacts, the only options currently are to manually export those and sort the export file in spreadsheet where you can do this, or create an application that retrieves opens for your emails, and cross-references opens for different emails for you.  This second option would require some programming/development on your part (or your developer's part).


I will submit a vote on a feature request to add some additional statistics on open frequencies for individual email addresses on your behalf. We do list to customer requests and update our system regularly, so this may be a feature added in the future.




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