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Retrieve list of contacts based on emails

Occasional Contributor

Retrieve list of contacts based on emails



Currently, I am using the get contacts REST API from contacts methods listed in the API tester



I am trying to retrieve the list using the "email filter" provided in the get contacts API, but i can search only 1 email address at a time. Is there a way where i can search multiple email address and get the response?



Honored Contributor

Re: Retrieve list of contacts based on emails



It is not currently possible to get more than 1 result when using the "email" query parameter for the Contacts Collection in our V2 API. In addition, the search is an exact match only.


Would you be able to explain the use-case for searching multiple email addresses? Depending on your goals, I may be able to suggest a more efficient means that making a request for every email address you wish to search for.



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer