Retrive Email Addresses from campaign


Retrive Email Addresses from campaign


      After scheduling a campaign i am saving the campaign id in my database and once after the emails are sent i am using following method to get  sent ,Bounces, opens for that particular campaign.


EmailCampaign source = Utility.GetEmailCampaignById(authdata, lCampaignID );


 int sent = source.Sent;
 int bounce = source.Bounces;
  int opened = source.Opens;


Now my question is how can i retrive the email addresses in that particular campaign... do we have any method to do it ??





      Now i am able to retrive contacts for a particular campaign by getting the contact list id from that campaign and by using getListMembers method i am able to retrive all the contacts for that particular campaign.


My aim is to differentiate the sent emails and show them as report based on the email status.

As i have mentioned in my previous post i am able to retrive the count of sent,opened,bounces but now i need to display for which emails it was sent and for which it got bounced and which email opened the sent email


Lets say if


sent =3;  Opens=2; bounces=1; 

among these


sent to                                Status                                                     Opened                                                    Opened                                                     Bounced



How can i achieve this....?





Most of our libraries have a method just for retrieving bounces, sends, etc.  Could you point me to the link where you downloaded this wrapper if you can't find such a method?


Update:  Look like you're using our older .net library, which doesn't have a getBounces/other tracking methods.  Our newer .net sdk does though; see this file.  I'd recommend switching to the newer sdk since it does have these, and that way you'll be building on our newer API, which will be supported longer.


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