Retrive email content via API


Retrive email content via API

I am trying to use the API to get the text out of an email campaign.  I need to take the message from the email and post it to a blog that we have.  I see in the documentation that the email_content and text_content from the campaign if the campaign_type is set to stock.  Unfortunately, our campaigns are set to STOCK. 


Is there any other way to get the email text through the API or am I out of luck?  Is there another approach that I can use to get the data I need?


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Hi Paul,


We don't have a built in way to pull text from stock (Constant Contact-template) emails.  You could use the permalink for an email campaign (returned in the response of a GET call to a sent email campaign), scrape the html/text from the link, and then post it to your blog as a workaround.  If you go that route, keep in mind you will get all of the html from the webpage, so you'd have to write some code to get the html elements out of it.


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Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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