Return data for email body from SQL Server database rows


Return data for email body from SQL Server database rows

I have a row in a table for each client with their event information like time/location/cost/link.


Is there any way to dynamically add these rows and runtime and also use the row's email address in the "To:" field?


Sometimes 1 client has numerous events and I would need to be able to loop through and include those in the body.


thank you,

John A Davis


Hello John,


When sending an email from Constant Contact the email must be sent to a list which contains the contacts. The list can contain any number of contacts even a single contact. What you are describing can be done through the API, but it would be a cumbersome process. Your request sounds more like what we would refer to as transactional emails and Constant Contact is not designed for those emails specifically.


I'm happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding this, or if you need more detailed specifics that require privacy you are welcome to email

Jimmy D.
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