Returned XML is lying to me


Returned XML is lying to me



I went into your web site, selected a contact, and manually added it to the "Do Not Mail" list.  When I review the results I see exactly what I expect.  The email is now on the Do Not Mail list and the "Date Removed" reflects todays date.  Perfect.


Now, using your API I've requested a list of any contacts added to the "do-not-mail" list as of today's date





Here is what I'm getting back:  (I removed non essential lines)


<Contact xmlns="" id="">
   <Status>Do Not Mail</Status>


You notice that the "OptOutTime", which I'm assuming is the same date field being used on your web site, shows 2011-03-18.  I don't know where this date came from except maybe it's the date it was initially added (OptedIn) to Constant Contact.  I do see the "LastUpdateTime" field shows the correct date.  But this date can change by editing contact information "after" it had been opted out.  Needless to say this is a little confusing and I hesitate using the"LastUpdateTime" because going forward this "may" not always be the actual Opt Out date.


So why is the node titled "OptOutTime" showing me the wrong date?  It lies like a rug!  :smileywink:










Hey Chris,


I will look into this for you and see what I can find out for you.  I will let you know the results.


Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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