Reusing the same email for different users

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Reusing the same email for different users



Is it possible to create an email content that can be used multiple times later on by an api call?


The scenario would be:

We create a few emails in constant contact (for example, "New User Email").

Then when a new user registers in our system, we would make an api call to constant contact to have it send the "New User Email" to this specific user.


Does constant contact have the concept of re-usable email templates?







When you create an email through the API, you specify your own HTML code, so you could re-use the same code when creating the email.


For what you're looking to do, it would probably be best to set up an autoresponder email in your account.  That way anyone who is added to [a] given list(s) will receive the email of interest automatically.  More information about setting up autoresponders can be found here.


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