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SafeUnsubscribe Form for non-Constant Contact Email


SafeUnsubscribe Form for non-Constant Contact Email

Does Constant Contact (or a 3rd party) provide any functionality for clients to manage external unsubscribes?

Please exclude these options as I am looking for an automated method and am looking for alternatives to developing through the APIs a mirror image of the SafeUnsubscribe form and functionality like indicated below:

Excluded Options

  • Uploading Unsubscribe List Ad-Hoc

  • Utilizing API

Considering there are at times a need for non-constant Contact Email Campaigns (i.e. 3rd party email campaign) or trigger based emails that are difficult to run within Constant Contact, and that is if given permission to use the scheduling API in that fashion.  

SafeUnsubscribe form


Please Confirm Your Unsubscribe

Before unsubscribing, is this you?
  If this is not your email address, there is no need to unsubscribe. You have not been added to any mailing lists.

Are you sure you wish to stop ALL emails from XXXX sent to your email address?


 Yes, unsubscribe me from ALL mailings.

 No, I wish to continue receiving occasional mailings based on my interests.

Select only the interests for which you DO want to receive occasional emails.




 Scott McEvilly




We do have an integration with Salesforce that does exactly this. However, if you are using a different third party program, you would need to build the integration in order to have this functionality. The only way to do this would be to use our API's.

We also have a Marketplace where people who have expressed interest in creating custom integrations such as these. I would suggest also looking there.

If you do decide to create an integration that does this, please feel free to let us know if you have any questions along the way.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact
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