Sage CRM integration


Sage CRM integration

I have Sage CRM. It has a section called Groups/Target Lists. This is my source of data. I generate lists and at the moment, they are exported to Excel and then uploaded to CC and that is where it ends.


What I would like to do is to be able to send the list directly from CRM to CC and then get click-through/bounce responses to individual contacts, and then the ability to draw stats back on a list level, so percentage of click-throughs, bounces, etc.


I'm a Sage CRM developer but the majority of my coding is done in server side and client side javascript. If I wanted to send lists to CC and get stats back on a per contact and per list basis, what would be the best approach? Can I pass in parameters on the querystring to display the kinds information I need? If so, I can embed the detailts into an iframe and display it in CRM that way. The only thing I couldn't work out how to do was the method by which I can send CC my list of contacts. Suggestions?





Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Support.

The best option it sounds like would be to use our API to bulk import contacts. You would make a POST request to with your API Key as a parameter, and your Access Token as an Authorization header. Detailed documentation on this call can be found here:

As for viewing tracking information, you can pull either a Contact Tracking report to get the tracking for a contact individually (, you can pull Email Campaign Tracking Reports to see the reporting for an individual email campaign (


Please let me know if you have any other questions!


David Bornstein
Tier II API Support Engineer

Ok thanks for that. So in an example, redaing the API documentation, the end user would first have to create the lists in CC so that when I send the data over, I say which list is to be the target one. Is that right? So, from start to finish, the user would:


  1. Login to CC
  2. Create a list
  3. Create a list of contacts in CRM
  4. Send that list with an indetifier saying which is the target list in CC
  5. Poll until it got a response or error
  6. (Assuming success) then go to CC and do what they need to do
  7. Back in CRM check the stats for the contact or stats per list


My guess is that if the above were right, I would need a way in CRM for the user to track the name of the list. Can you create lists when uploading contacts? If so, I could use the name of the list in CRM.


I would need to have some sort of process to write back the opt-outs in CRM as well.


Am I right in the process above?

Hi @First-NameL26212,


You can create a Contact List name through the API so the customer does not have to do this step first you can do this if you need. (


Otherwise your process listed I would say is correct. As far as tracking opt-outs when you get the reporting information from one of the two methods David previously provided if you see any opt-outs/unsubscribes listed there that would indicate that you will need to update your database for an opted-out contact. Depending on whether you are getting the information on a contact level or campaign level will determine if you already know who the contact is or not.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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