Salesforce integration


Salesforce integration

I see there are a handful of applications out there that sync with Salesforce, but to me, they are a little like killing mosquitos with a machine gun.  Or, they have very basic functionality that does not map lists.  All I want is an application that would map my lists in salesforce to the lists in CC, and of course update email and name info as needed.  This could be an auto sync or a manual.  I really do not care.  Or, If this is too tough, I would even take a page and a radial check box with all of the current downloads, allowing me to manually check off the lists that the prospect needs to be attached to.  Clicking down on each of the leads to update their CC lists is a royal pain.  We are not handling massive quanitities of data.  It can be done in a couple of hours a month from my assistant, but nonetheless, there would be less chance for error if there were a program.  


Is there something out there like this?  Or would it have to be created?  


Thanks in advance.




We can't fully advise on what all third parties (not Constant Contact) have done in the way of what you are asking for, but most of what you want is out there.  Internally, we can't provide any source code as a starting point between us and Salesforce.  


I believe Cazoomi has accomplished much of what you are looking for and there are one or two free plugins available to sync Constant Contact with Salesforce (again, we just don't have the source code for them to be built upon as they weren't developed in-house).  Cazoomi does also offer custom solutions if what they already have doesn't fit your needs.


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