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SandBox Please - Free CtCt Developer Accounts!


SandBox Please - Free CtCt Developer Accounts!

It would be great if we could have free developer accounts with the following features, just like SaleForce/ provides, namely Enterprise Edition for free to a developer with only a signup, no approval process or other qualifications.


Free DevEdition Features

Limited Contacts in all listTypes

No Email is actually sent, but logged events are updated

Perhaps a govenor on the number of hits to the API per day(24hrs)?

Email can be sent to a special set of email addresses, [myDevID]Test[01-10]@[] in the SandBox


Paid DevEdition Features

JK <;-)


Re: SandBox Please - Free CtCt Developer Accounts!

Definitely great feedback and something we certainly want to provide to developers in the future.  It's not something we have ever done in the past but as we're seeing the API traffic and developer traffic continue to grow like it has, we'll definitely be working on this in the future. 


We do provide our AppConnect partners with a free developer account, which is a fully featured Constant Contact account with limited sending.  If you're developing integrations that you are reselling or are interested in reselling Constant Contact to the users of your application, feel free to apply and I can get you into our program and a free developer account (as well as other benefits we provide to our partners).

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Re: SandBox Please - Free CtCt Developer Accounts!

I may never do more than assist a few clients hooking up their CtCt data & processes, never making anything to sell or partner over.


Level 1, comes pre-stocked with test email addresses/contacts and a few lists

No Sends are available and hits on the API are limited, no qualifications (w/exception to valid email address confirmation) required, just sign up like a free account, but via a dev portal


Level 2 is as you described for your Partners


Anyway, since it's not currently available, I'll turn it up..

Occasional Contributor

Re: SandBox Please - Free CtCt Developer Accounts!

I like this idea.


I'm developing a CtCT application for a friend and might well do that for other customers.  I am currently using the 60-day trial subscription for testing, and I don't know if it would be worth the cost to maintain a subscription on the chance some customers might want something.  

CTCT Employee

Re: SandBox Please - Free CtCt Developer Accounts!



I think Dave may have explained this a little better but if you find yourself in a bind in your trial date is about to expire.  You can always call into our support line and they can extend the trial for a period of time.  If you even think there is a chance that you may working on multiple Constant Contact projects you should consider applying to be an  AppConnect parntner


Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer

Re: SandBox Please - Free CtCt Developer Accounts!

Greatful me, my dev account has been extended till March 5th....


As a developer it feels odd to be asked to pay to work on a mutual client's system integration, like paying to park in CtCt's lot while I do work on their system....