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Scheduling Campaign through API

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Scheduling Campaign through API

Is there a delay in creating the list?

Here are the steps I am doing:

1. Create list

2. Create Campaign.

3. Schedule Campaign.

Sometimes this works and sometimes it gets to step 3 and then I get a Bad Request.

I have tried using my XML in the REST Client and I get \

Error 400: No contacts to send.

Even though when I log into constantcontact.com I can see the campaign and it has a list with 2 subscribers associated it.



There should not be a delay in creating a list. You should not be getting that error unless you are trying to schedule to an campaign that has lists attached to it but no contacts in the lists.

I tried recreating this issue on my end, but it does appear to be working fine. I would like to have you email us your code so that I can see what is going on, with that I may be able to find a solution.

You can email your code to the webservices support team.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact
Regular Participant

Thanks for your help.

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