Scheduling Campaigns With PHP Script

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Scheduling Campaigns With PHP Script

Hi All,


I have developed a solution that uses CC APIs and I have done almost all the functionality but I am facing problem in Scheduling the Campaigns.

I already know that we have to provide additional rights to our account API key to schedule campaigns and on my clients account this permission is enabled I do not know what is going wrong with my script.

Can any one here please provide me the script to schedule Campaigns or at least let me know how to perform this task using CC Library Class.

Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.






Are you using the PHP wrapper or the .NET wrapper?  Both have functions included for scheduling email campaigns.  


For the PHP wrapper, it is located on ~ line 370 of this page (the ConstantContact.php file) in the main PHP wrapper.  We don't have any examples of specifically how to use the schedule campaign function, but basically you will create your authenticated send campaign object and call the function, as with any of our functions.


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