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Send 1-on-1 mail smtp

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Send 1-on-1 mail smtp

Does ConstantContact have a way to send 1-on-1 mails without the need of creating a list/campaign each time throught the SDK? Have smtp?
For example, every friday I will send mails to users but the content will vary, by user,  within the mails. With the current functionality that I understand, I would need to create one campaign per user and per user a list.
Describing the situation:
Every friday I will send a mail to the users that decide to have a mail on friday with X parameters each user defines. User 1 has user1.X parameters. User 2 has user2.X parameters(different from user 1 but the "template" of the mail is the same).


Hi @JohnR8516,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


Our emails will always need to be scheduled and sent to a contact list. We are looking in to options to allow the content of an email campaign to be dynamically changed based on the contact profile; however the email campaign will still need to be scheduled to a contact list.

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