Send user to update their account page, how to do?

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Send user to update their account page, how to do?

I have a bunch of contacts in a list and I'm wanting to send them to my custom sign-up page so they can fill out their information. Why? Well I need certain criteria for each survey I send out and by them filling out the sign-up page I can choose them based on their qualifications.

So, they're all in my contact list, I need to send them to an email that says, Click Here to Update Your takes them to their specific page to edit their information, as seen below for

I can send this out via Outlook, and generate the custom URL for the user, but I want to send it out via ConstantContact so I can track these users and such. How/what part of Constant Contact do I use to send out this email?


In Constant Contact, you can create Dynamic Links such as you are looking to in both our Template Emails and our Custom XHTML code emails.  Using one of our templates, this is a very easy process and you can find the steps in this FAQ.  If you are looking to create them in Custom XHTML code, the steps are more complicated.  Our Tier 2 Support team is able to set up a demo in your account to do these if you call our support line and request this sample. 


The support for this feature is handled by our standard support team and not our Developer Support staff on these forums though, all additional questions on this should be directed to our Phone/Email/Chat support channels.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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