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Sending customized e-mail based on resultset

Occasional Contributor

Sending customized e-mail based on resultset


I've a question about using Constant Contact's API as a solution for my requirement.

In a nutshell below is my requirement

I've a resultset that has customer information (names, email addresses and transaction details). The resultset will be refreshed every 15 minutes with the transactions happened in the past 15 minutes.
For every 15 minutes or after the refresh, I want to send a customized email notification to the customer about his transaction.

It is not an regular email campaign or a marketing email where I can build a contact list and send email. The contact list will vary every 15 minutes.
The email notification is something like an activity alert to the customer about their transaction.

Is this possible? If so, can you suggest any documentation that explains this.

Thanks in advance.