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Sending email using constant contact server instead of php mail


Sending email using constant contact server instead of php mail


From past few days, I am searching for a solution in Constant Contact APIs at http://developer.constantcontact.com/libraries/sample-code.html,, but was unable to find it. So, below is our requirement.

Our current account is natsnats. In our website(https://www.natsworld.org), we accept donations, memberships etc. When a user fills Donation form or Membership form or Contact form etc., once user submits the form, we need to send a confirmation email to user and store user email id for our further/future communication. Our requirement is, we want this email to be sent from Contact Contact and store the email ID in our Constant Contact Account.

We need the helpful APIs to communicate in the above procedure/manner.


We did,'t find any solution to send email for single donated user. how to send email to single user and message.

Current we are using third party service(Send Grid), now we would like to move to Constant Contact. We have developed this website in PHP programming language.

Kindly help us to integrate in the above procedure/manner.


Here i attached the file. i am getting error when i using the given api' s and format




After reviewing your code, the problem is that your code is attempting to assign an email address as the contact list. This is an issue because Constant Contact's mail system requires that contacts be added to a contact list before sending. Once a contact list is created, then a campaign can be sent to that list and it will be delivered to all contacts that are part of the list.


Given that your desired integration would send a single message to a single contact, this would require to create a list for each contact, add that contact to the new list, and then create the email campaign and schedule it to the list that you have created. This is possible to do, but can be difficult to implement as our system is not designed for these types of email messages (often referred to as transactional emails).


If you are interested in implementing this type of solution according to the information provided above, please let me know and I can provide some direction on how this can be done with the PHP SDK.



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