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Sequential Autoresponder Behavior in ConstantContact

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Sequential Autoresponder Behavior in ConstantContact

I need a clarification on how ConstantContact autoresponders work. We will have a number of sequential autoresponders. These are multiple-email systems where a user gets a welcome email when joining a list, another email the next day, another one 3 days later, another one 7 days later, etc. In many cases, the sequential autoresponders go out every day for some period of time as we offer an email course.

Another situation arises where a person who has been on Autoresponder A finishes a course or buys a product and should now be switched to Autoresponder B as a result,.

In reading through the forums on autoresponders, I ran across this troublesome comment in the thread at Dave B, a CC support engineer said, "Please keep in mind that our Autoresponders only work for new email addresses which have never been added to an account previously at any time." If I'm understanding this correctly, then at least the second approach to autoresponders I outlined above simply won't be feasible in CC, is that right?

That is correct. Currently

That is correct. Currently our Autoresponder product is in it's Beta phase where we are going through the basic functionality and collecting feedback from our users on how they want the product to be updated. We are planning enhancements in the future based on this feedback and different ways to schedule the autoresponders (other than initial sign up, that is) are heavily requested.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact