Service seems to hang, but no exceptions (using CTCT Webservice Java Client Library)


Service seems to hang, but no exceptions (using CTCT Webservice Java Client Library)



i am synchronizing contacts from our application with CC. I am using the CTCT Webservice Java Client Library. Few days ago i left the app to synchronize, and in the morning i saw that service seemed to have stayed hanging on a contact save. The email address vas valid, contact never existed on CC, ive checked..... no exceptions. Today i did similar experiment, and service again just stayed hanging after few thousand contacts. On contact update this time (nothing was changed actually on this contact, email address vas the same, but he was sorted as to be updated at CC...)


Contacts are synchronized one by one, since library doesnt have any batch capabilities. So , its  a big loop. Does CC server maybe hang me because of too many service calls the period of time ? Is there anyone who has used this library ?  And......any other ideas or suggestions are  very much appreciated, I  am really out of ideas.


Thank you



Hello Aida,


The CTCT Webservices Java Client Library is supported by the open-source developer commuity, and isn't activelysupported through our develop forums here.  That Library is becoming somewhat dated, and likely contains some codethat is deprecated or not in sync with current API functionality. If you are able to capture any responses that are beingreturned from our API at the time your application is hanging, I may however be able to shed some light on the issue if itis due to an error responses from our API that is just not being handled properly by the Library.


I'm not aware of limits or caps in the number of API actions made in a given period of time that would cause yourprocess to freeze.


I hope this is helpful to you.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thank you,

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer

Hello Mark,


first, thank you very much for the response!! Well, the process freezes on the getRequest as it seems, and the thing is that since it freezes there, I am not getting  any response...but how sure are you that there is no limit on the calls, because, now again, i tested synchronization  few times in these past few days, and i noticed it failed on same contact. I deleted that contact and tested again, and now it froze on the contact which was after the one i deleted ! Which leads me to think it has to be the number of service calls which were donee.....since 100% sure both contacts were nothing special, data was in correct format, email valid, nothing nothing really wrong with them......


Thanx again


Hey Aida,


I can confirm that we wouldn't time out any requests from your application. It is possible that your webserver has a timeout set, and would timeout the Java synchronization that you are running in the middle. This might explain why it would land on the same contact as well, as the time it takes the calls to run through can time out at the same spot every time in this situation.

Nick Galbraith
Support Engineer
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