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Setting the ContactList Element using the PHP wrapper while adding new contact


Setting the ContactList Element using the PHP wrapper while adding new contact



Just trying to setup a form to add a new contact  to my email list,  but I can't seem to figure out how to set the id in the ContactList elmenent. 


My code so far:



$_POST['formdata'] = "ri650@gmail.com";


//set up Contacts collection to add new contact

$collection  = new ContactsCollection();


//create a ListsCollection to grab the proper list to put the contact into

$lists = new ListsCollection();

//create a listObj to interact with individual lists

$listObj = new ListObj();

//get all the mailing lists

$total = $lists->getLists();

/*need to cycle through all the lists, if we find the right mailing list, extract the id.


foreach($total[0] as $key=>$row){

if($row->getName() == "General Interest"){

$id = $row->getId();



Get the value sent by the form.We're gonna assume JS validation is fine
$formdata = $_POST['formdata'];

//put into array

$formParams = array('email_address'=>$formdata,'id'=>$id);


//create a contact object$person = new Contact($formParams);



//add contact. Return code is used to check if request was successful or not

$return_code = $collection->createContact($person);


echo $return_code;if($return_code == 400){//spit out error messageecho "400";}else{//spit out successecho "true";}

anyone have some example code to share?


Hey Claus,


You can set the id manually and pass it through as an array.  Below would be a short example of how to do this.




     $contactInfo['email_address'] = "test@test.com";
     $contactInfo['lists'][] = "http://api.constantcontact.com/ws/customers/{username}/lists/1";
     $contact = new Contact($contactInfo);
     $contactCollect = new ContactsCollection();
     $addContact = $contactCollect->createContact($contact);
	print_r($addContact); // this will also return a 201 or a 400 depending if it was sucessful or if it failed.

 Please let me know if you need anymore help

Ryan Davis
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