SharePoint Integration


SharePoint Integration



I work for a client that is looking at Constant Contact as a tool but needs the ability to integrate the data saved on constant contact with a sharepoint list.  I've done work using SSIS and SharePoint Destination and Resource Adapters which allows you to take information out of SQL Server and redirect it to SharePoint.  Can anyone tell me what the backend database is for Constant Contact and if its possible to use SSIS to support SharePoint integration?






Constant Contact does not provide information on our back end systems, outside of general security related questions.  We instead expose information through a public API that makes knowing the back end technology unnecessary.  Since we expose everything through an API, you are able to access, update and create Contacts through any language and environment that supports making HTTPs requests.  You'd want to read over our documentation and getting started section here for more information. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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